Copper Cabling Installations

copper cabling installationsThe installation of our state-of-the -art copper structured cabling systems ensure network performance, flexibility and infrastructure growth capabilities. Did you know that each year, more and more network applications are running over copper cabling?

A few of the notable benefits of installing copper cable are:

Power over Ethernet – This is one of the biggest benefit to copper cabling.  Other than just connecting a PC to a network, with copper you have the ability to power many devices. Some of these include IP phones, cameras and WAPs – All right through the cable itself. If you choose to use POE you’ll be given the ability to run power without adding additional electrical outlets incurring additional costs. 

Less expensive electronics – Most if not all PC’s & MAC’S come with copper NIC cards as a standard. Not only are modules for LAN/WAN equipment such as data switches and routers more affordable per copper port but jacks and patch panels used for the copper cables terminations are less expensive as well.

Existing Infrastructures – Most “To-the-desk-top” workstation environments installed currently around the world are built to run on copper infrastructures. Even though fiber can be used, the jacks and patch panels that copper cables terminate in order to make it all work is less expensive too. Many believe that it is also a simpler process adding (MAC work) copper cabling to an existing copper infrastructure than it is when working within a large fiber TTDT network.

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