A data center is very much considered to be the integral segment of an organizations network as it houses the heartbeat of their business. Data centers are typically a building or sometimes even just a portion of a building, both which are extremely secure and protect large concentrations of high technology LAN/WAN equipment, hardware, and their system support areas. An example of this protection is guarding against fire, natural disasters, and vandalism, all major concerns when protecting a network infrastructure.

The RAD Experience:

The expertise of RADCommunications regarding data centers initiates at Layer 1, the physical layer. Never to be overlooked with minimal concern, the physical layer plays a major role in data center build-outs, expansions, relocations, and upgrades. The physical layer, being the cabling portion of the installation is vital to a networks performance. The importance of a properly installed cabling system within a data centers is imperative because it is the medium solely responsible for transporting all traffic and information between systems such as Ethernet switches, Servers, Routers, Firewalls, SAN and NAS equipment.

Each of RAD’s technicians perform their tasks with pride, quality, and efficiency. Our entire team possesses vast knowledge and experience installing both copper and fiber-optic cabling systems within these mission critical environments. No matter what the client SOW requires, they utilize precise skill, technique, organization, and extreme attention to detail which leads the way to perfection at the end of every project RADcomm completes.

RADcomm Provides the Following Data Center Services:

  • Room area capacity / physical location planning and design
  • Cabling system design specifically for data centers (cages, rooms, entire floors and buildings)
  • Telecommunications cabling – voice, data, copper, fiber-optic, coax, multi-pair, trunk cables
  • Cable Pathways – Cable support systems (ceiling and below Plenum floor), ladder racking, cable tray
  • Fiber-optic troughs, pathways and raceway systems
  • Data enclosures/cabinets, relay racks, wall mounted units
  • Equipment racks, cabinets, and shelving
  • Wall mounted enclosures/cabinets and relay racks
  • Cable containment and wire management systems
  • Team Leadership – One single point of contact
  • Bracing, bonding and grounding relay racks, cabinets, and enclosures
  • Future growth planning and strategy
  • IT equipment racking and stacking
  • Patching and cross connecting
  • Copper and fiber-optic field terminations
  • Fiber-optic cassette systems (allows for economical changes and re-locations)
  • Patch panels, fiber trays and voice cross connect fields
  • Copper and fiber-optic cabling certification testing and documentation
  • Troubleshooting, clean-up and repairs to existing network cabling and cross connects