Nationwide Cabling Roll-Outs

Nationwide Cabling Roll-OutsOur Nationwide Cabling-Roll-Outs service really sets the standard in our industry. While true that a majority of RADcommunications cabling installations takes place in and around the New York City metro area and Long Island, RADcommunications is rapidly becoming known for its national and international cabling installations and networking solutions alike. We are making our presence known by providing quality corporate ‘As-Build’ roll-outs to client specification by implementing the latest “Cutting-Edge” cabling systems and network infrastructure technologies throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about our Nationwide Cabling Roll-Outs services, please call us today.

RADcommunications Cabling Installations of New York City and Long Island are true professionals when it comes to the implementation of North American structured cabling solutions and network infrastructures. 

Corporate wide structured cabling roll-outs may include Copper (CAT6, CAT5E, CAT5e, Coax-RG6, RG59u, Siamese, custom bundled cables, etc.) and Fiber-Optic backbone cabling (Single-mode & Multimode) needed to support voice, data, cctv, audio-video and  VOIP systems. The scope of work may also require racking/stacking network hardware, Patching equipment, Riser management services, Network infrastructure design, RCDD design services, As Built CAD & Visio services plus much more. RADcommunications has the ability to provide your organization with all of these services coast-to-coast.

The RAD Advantage:                                                                                      

Nationwide Cabling Roll-OutsA big advantage to having RADcommunications provide your national IT cabling roll-out is that it allows you the luxury of dealing with only one point of contact. A single point of contact dedicated to managing your infrastructures installation while it’s being performed simultaneously at multiple site locations throughout North America.                                          

The team lead assigned to your project will be responsible for overseeing and managing your entire installation, from cabling systems to racking and connecting network hardware as well as any other IT service that may be within RADcommunications scope of work.  Our team leader’s job begins from the initial site survey to the project’s completion and will report back to you on a daily basis with installation progress updates and other pertinent information throughout the project’s duration.

Yet still another advantage is it will allow for larger firms and worldwide organizations to keep within the same design standard, utilizing the same brands and installation protocol within multiple locations no matter where they are geographically.  A project can consist of just a few offices residing within the same state, requiring Category 6 cabling installations and a WAP solution design and implementation or can be comprised of numerous commercial buildings within North America each needing a complete cabling infrastructure upgrade and fiber-optic riser installation/renovations. In either scenario a RADcommunications installation guarantees the entire WAN and LAN cabling infrastructure would remain identical at each of the organization’s locations making for a beautiful, extremely manageable, unified Ethernet whose performance will exceed expectations.  

 RADcommunications Network Cabling and IT Roll-Out Services Include:

  • Pre-project site surveys to review the required scope of work.
  • Low-voltage Structured cabling installations and solutions.
  • Racking and connecting IT network hardware and LAN/WAN systems.
  • Cable raceway and wire management systems.
  • MDF and IDF demo and abatement.
  • Wireless design services and implementation.
  • Data center build and expansion services.
  • A RADcomm team leader as a single point of contact between client and install teams.
  • Daily progress updates with reports emailed to the client.
  • Copper and fiber-optic cable Certification testing and documentation.
  • Lifetime structured cabling system warranties.

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