Riser Management Services

Riser Management ServicesIt is our mission to ensure that real-estate owner’s and property manager’s buildings are secure, safe and properly organized within their building’s riser system. Our riser management and riser cabling services would be perfect for almost any company. By allowing us to manage your system is the best way that you can ensure that your tenants are getting the most from their voice and data provider services. Each of our clients can rest assured knowing that they are getting superior riser management services by choosing RADcommunications. 



Riser Management ServicesOur riser management services program includes:

  • Assessment of the telecom infrastructure and systems
  • Development of a design plan to address the requirements
  • Riser-backbone cabling installation (copper/fiber)
  • Conduit installations
  • Core drilling procurement and penetration services
  • Securing cabling along riser pathways


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