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RADCommunications is a New York Structured Cabling Installation Company. Looks do matter when it comes to your structured cabling installation and we install the top of the line structured cabling systems. Poorly installed structures can lead to difficulty troubleshooting and low functionality. We are the structured cabling installation company you will be bragging about. We can handle any size project whether it’s installing a new fiber-optic backbone to connect your Ethernet devices, reconfiguring an existing voice & data network or expanding your existing building low-voltage york structured cabling installation company

“RADcommunications Believes That A Structured Cabling System Installation Is Never Complete Until It Looks Good.”

RADcommuncations low-voltage voice and data cabling installation teams are comprised of world class technicians that have proven to be true leaders in the network cabling industry and are considered to be at the top of their field. 

When performing an installation, whether Augmented Category 6 (CAT6A), Category 6 (CAT6), Category 5E (CAT5E), Category 5e (CAT5e), Multi-pair trunk cable (twisted pair, backbone cabling, riser cabling), Fiber-Optic cabling (Multimode OM1/OM2), (Single Mode-SMF 50 Micron), (10GIG/10 Gigabit, OM3/OM4), Coaxial- RG6, RG59U, Siamese cable (for CCTV camera installations) or a Data Center build-out comprised of both copper & fiber-optic cabling within a Plenum rated or PVC environment, RADcommunications highly trained technicians strictly adhere to the BICSI installanew york structured cabling installation companytion guidelines, EIA/TIA and IEEE 802.3 standards the telecommunications cabling industry has adopted as the end all be all cabling installation standard of the modern day. With that said our clients can take comfort and rest assured knowing that since the day RADcommunications was formed more than a decade ago this rigorous installation standard has been a ‘mandatory’ requirement that all ‘RAD’ technicians must follow, both Union and Non-union alike.   

While we encourage you to speak to one of our specialists before deciding between Fiber and Copper  data cabling, you can learn more by clicking Fiber or Copper. 

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“We ONLY install products from the USA’s industry’s leading manufacturers”

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